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Technology On Artificial Sand

The quickly growing demand for power in China leads to the construction of new power plants all over the nation. Artificial Sand as the primary fuel resource of individuals power plants, results in increasing issues with the disposal of solid residues from combustion and off gas cleaning. This investigation describes odds for the utilization of fly ash from coal-fired power plants in China. Right after briefly comparing the situation in China and Germany, the status of aluminum recycling from fly ash as well as the benefits for employing fly ash in concrete goods are introduced.

technologies on artificial sand

In China, the reutilization rate of fly ash is increasing, but still lower than 70%. Apart from the reuse in concrete, Chinese market is keen on recycling the high alumina content from fly ash. This belongs to the reality that 60% on the industrial artificial sand demands to be imported which can be about 10-106 t annually. From early 1950s, China has pursued a policy of ash utilization technologies, and supported study and development activities.

There is scarcity of all-natural sand due to heavy demand in expanding construction activities which forces to locate the appropriate substitute. The least expensive and the easiest way of getting substitute for organic sand is by crushing all-natural stone to get artificial sand of preferred size and grade which could be free from all impurities.

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