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Shaking Machine for Copper Ore

Shaking table is extensively utilized in processing minerals with the size between 3mm and 0.019mm in rougher flotation and concentration. The minerals which our shaking tables can method contains: copper ore, Tungsten, tin, lead, zinc, gold, silver, tantalum, niobium, monazite, zircon, limonite along with other mineral ore veins. offers shoppers the good quality and high efficiency shaking machine for copper ore.

Shaking table for copper ore

Shaking table is K&W’s second-generation plant inside the manufacturing approach for lots of years with key research institutions and Selections from the usage of huge mining practical experience within the ordinary 6-S-type shaking table on the basis with the development of a brand new item. We are the original bed surface and the foot of your bed of contact among the part of “rock box” to enhance into the “wandering Activity Box” to this improvement, resolving the original shaking table: 1, Noise. two Bed, bed easy to jump to run the bed brought on by mining is like, seriously impacted the entire shaking table of mineral recovery. three, effectively extending the shaking of the “shaking device” life.
The distinction between an ordinary shaking table bed shaking table and our shaking tables are: elevated bed spot stripes; narrower bed smooth region; stripes with a certain angle of climb; the bed itself, the key longitudinal alter; Post bed cross-sectional area shape and material aspects of adjust. The corresponding technical parameters of operation have some modifications. In principle, the object is chosen in line with unique sorting of distinct technical parameters.

Copper ore shaking table capabilities

This series shaking table is featured with high capacity, high ratio of recovery and widely-applied. Concentrating with a fairly stable, shaking table processes ores with clear, flow rate. Then ore changes, the sorting situation is stable, so the operating management convenience.
Wave shaking table incorporates a steel frame, prime coat of epoxy resin cast stone fill material diabase bed most important physique, supporting the feet shaking, transfer institutions, the slope from the shaking table drive reciprocating motion and composition.

Copper ore shaking machine for sale

K&W, the expert and well-known mining machine manufacturer, will give the advanced copper shaking table for copper ore beneficiation process. Our items are eye-catching on price tag and quality. If you’re considering our solutions or have any query, you can make contact with us. We are hunting forward to cooperating with you. Opt for is equal to opt for good results.