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Coal Handling And Preparation Plant

Coal handling systems are an integral part of a complete material flow and quality management system. In recent years, the main focus was on the optimisation of single parts of this sytem, such as mine planning or advanced automation solutions.

Coal Handling and Preparation Plant

The coal handling and preparation plant, is a facility that handles coal by washing it of impurities and preparing it for conveying to the end application or market. Coal handling is a vital part of coal handling and preparation plants as it needs to be stored at different stages of the preparation process and conveyed across the CHPP facility.

Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Benefits

  1. Enhanced productivity through maximum run time
  2. Resource recovery optimisation
  3. Process efficiency improvement
  4. Effective safety practices
  5. Waste reduction
  6. Increased throughput rates
  7. Fewer breakdowns
  8. Lower facilities operating costs
  9. Effective equipment utilisation

Coal Processing Equipment Supplier

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