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Work of Ultrafine Mill in Summer Rainy Season

The normal work of ultrafine grinding depends to a great extent on the daily maintenance work of the equipment. Because of the working environment of the equipment, the normal work of the equipment is affected by the environment. In order to make the equipment work better, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the equipment. Different weather conditions affect the work of the ultrafine grinding equipment. The impact is different. This article mainly introduces how to ensure the better work of ultrafine grinding in the rainy summer season.

  • 1. Summer surplus seasonal weather is relatively humid, in view of the ultrafine grinding equipment production materials are generally steel, individual parts are made of iron, easy to rust in wet weather, such as the outer shell around the equipment pole, so we need to take good anti-rust measures to prevent equipment damage after rusting caused by production engineering. Profit;
  • 2. In summer rainy season, the air is humid, and evaporation is easy to occur, so the moisture content of materials is likely to change. In order to reduce the impact of moisture content of materials on ultrafine grinding, it is necessary to clean up the moisture content of materials before work, and clean up the remaining equipment in time after the equipment shutdown. Material;
  • 3. In addition to drying the equipment in production, it is better to store the ultrafine grinding in a ventilated and dry environment to prevent the influence of moisture in the air on the equipment.