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Structure And Advantage of Construction Waste Crusher

The construction waste disposal equipment must be familiar to everyone. With its high crushing efficiency and safe and reliable performance, it occupies an advantageous position in the market and has become a highly efficient crushing equipment known to all on the market. Shibang Industrial Technology Group adopts relatively new design concepts and advanced technology to process this kind of equipment. The purpose of equipment is to achieve higher standards of performance and quality of equipment and to create higher benefits for users.

Structure composition of Construction Waste Crusher

Compared with the construction waste treatment equipment in the same industry in the market, the structure of our company is relatively simple, and in order to reduce the occupied area, we adopt the vertical type and the weight is very light, mainly by frame, transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, broken cone, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, spring. As well as the composition of the lower outlet, it is very convenient for installation, operation and maintenance.

Performance advantages

  • 1. The combination of high speed and stroke greatly improves the rated power and throughput of the equipment, so that the crushing ratio and production efficiency of the equipment are also improved.
  • 2. The wear resistance of vulnerable parts is good, and the advanced crushing principle and technical parameters make the failure probability of the equipment very low when it works. The construction waste treatment equipment is also safe and reliable to operate, and reduces the operation cost.
  • 3. The principle of intergranular lamination crushing is used instead of the traditional single-granule crushing principle. The selective crushing of materials is realized, the cubic content of finished products is increased, and the needle-flake materials are reduced to a certain extent.
  • 4. The overload protection device can solve the malfunction of the equipment in time, and will not cause any damage to the equipment. The automatic layout reduces the trouble of manual layout.
  • 5. All parts and components can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side to make the equipment more convenient and faster in the daily replacement of parts and components and shorten the downtime.
  • 6. Higher production capacity and better granularity of finished products make the equipment easier to control and have greater reliability and flexibility.

Price of Construction Waste Treatment Equipment

The price of construction waste disposal equipment is a matter of great concern to users. Our company’s construction waste disposal equipment is not only of good quality and excellent performance, but also more economical and affordable. It reduces the investment cost of users. The reasons are as follows:

  • 1. Direct-selling construction waste treatment equipment manufacturers, equipment production and sales can be completed independently, and the cost of selling equipment is also very low, the price is 50,000 yuan lower than the same equipment in the same industry;
  • 2. Advanced production technology makes its equipment waste less resources in production, and the overall cost of construction waste treatment equipment is also low, so the market quotation of equipment is naturally much lower.
  • 3. For the sake of the high profit of the user’s processing plant, our company adopts the sales policy of small profits and more sales to sell the equipment. The market price of the construction waste treatment equipment is the same as that of the factory, so as to reduce the investment cost.