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Lubrication Of Bearings In The Process Of Impact Crusher

Small impact crusher in stone production line (below 30kW) can use grease lubricant 3 lithium matrix or Jun disulfide, water cooling should be used for heated bearings; oil pool splash lubrication can be used for medium impact crusher , while attention should be paid to having a larger space for heat expelling as soon as possible; heat transfer for people with heat and large-scale continuous. Impact crusher machinery can be lubricated by circulating oil or oil mist to take away heat and maintain normal oil temperature.

Grease lubrication of stone impact crusher equipment: If working conditions permit, bearing of vibration machinery should choose grease lubrication, because this lubrication method makes the overall layout design of the equipment relatively simple, especially sealing. A lithium-based grease with NGLI scale of 2 or 3 and low base oil viscosity of 90-160 CST can be selected for a ship. Lubricating grease should contain antirust and EP additives such as sKF. Experience has shown that adding 1% – 3% tin disulfide is also beneficial, such as SKFKEM2. Considering vibration, the mechanical stability of grease must be good to prevent excessive softening and oil from separating (precipitating) from soap base. When processing hot materials, working temperature requires that bearings use high temperature resistant grease, such as sodium-based synthetic grease or bentonite grease.

Detailed information about the amount of grease added and the time interval of the next lubrication are listed in the table of stone impact breaking equipment. Installation of an automatic refueling machine to control the regular addition of a small amount of grease will facilitate maintenance and improve the oil slip condition.

Thin oil lubrication for stone impact crusher equipment: When the grease can not be used due to temperature or speed restrictions, lubricant lubrication should be used. Oil bath lubrication is a simple method at this time. Sometimes circulating oil (and possibly cooling system) is used, especially for large impact crusher equipment to control bearing temperature. Oil mist lubrication is mainly used for high-speed rotating small bearings, positive pressure is very effective to prevent the entry of pollutants.